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BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards)

BIS is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. For all the import purpose the Customs has made the strict rules for the BIS Certification for various products which comes under the compulsory certification list. We as a custom broker, we have the in-depth knowledge of the whole BIS compliance and can offer you the best of service for the complete certification process.

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy of the
Indian government that mandates Producers and Importers on E-waste
responsible for its management including collection, transportation,
recycling, or deposition in an environmentally – friendly manner.
To ensure businesses comply with the prescribed regulations and norms
of EPR, the Indian government has bound to obtain an EPR certificate
from the relevant pollution control body. The absence of an EPR
certificate, the business can be liable for certain legal penalties or may
also be required to shut down its activities.
We as a custom broker provides the complete registration process for the EPR Registration.

International Logostics Consultant
International Logostics Consultant

CE (Conformité Européenne)

CE (Conformité Européenne) certification is a mandatory certification for products sold in the European Union (EU). The CE mark acts as a “trade passport” for the European marketplace, allowing manufacturers to freely circulate their product throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).
CE certification is recognized internationally and is often required for products that are exported to other countries outside the EU.
CE certification is mandatory for products sold in the EU, and non-compliance can lead to penalties and legal action. Products that do not comply with CE technical standards can also cause safety hazards and may not be allowed to be sold in the EU.
CE certification holds the advantage to the Exporters, the mark shows the credibility of the products and provides the hassle-free clearance in the countries like European and United States.
We as a CHA provides the complete registration of CE Marking for your products.

  • 1998Year

    Promote economic growth through Exim activities in the Nagpur region.

    We introduced local small enterprises to buyers abroad, and in the process, stimulated exports and increased employment and foreign exchange. We did pioneering work in progress of International logistics industry, working hand in glove with related government agencies, for enhancing the trade.

  • 2010 Year

    We elaborated our offerings and added more branches to serve better.

    To ensure that our logistics services are robust, we set up multiple branches and started offering 24*7 services. It was done to fare better for time-sensitive deliveries. We also consolidated our business by ushering in new technology and working practices.

  • 2020 Year

    We shifted our focus on enhancing our employee experience and focusing on HR development.

    We had aced the industry practices when it came to logistics services, but with the onset of the pandemic, it was a challenging time for logistics fraternity, we introduced new systems of online working and kept pace with demands of our clients.

  • Current Year

    We continue to embrace modern technology to improve our services.

    We have received accolades and recognition for our employee-centric approach. And usage of modern technology has placed us as one of the leaders in the field of logistics services.


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